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Advantages and disadvantages of on-premises model e-learning platform

The implementation of e-learning platforms in the on-premises model is still being considered by many organizations. However, before choosing this type of software, it is worth knowing all its advantages and disadvantages.

On-premises e-learning platforms are software installed directly on the client's servers ordering them and are usually created from scratch with specific needs and challenges in mind. Such systems still enjoy some popularity and are eagerly chosen by some institutions.

The characteristics of on-premises software mean that its selection can bring numerous benefits to organizations. However, it is essential to know that implementing such systems also has its drawbacks, due to which some customers opt for another solution, such as e-learning platforms in the SaaS model, which operate on an external infrastructure, and the manufacturer is responsible for their maintenance.

Why is the choice of training platform model so crucial?

Choosing the correct software model is crucial for any system a company implements, including a training platform. After all, individual organizations may have different e-learning requirements, so the decision to use a particular technology should be based on a real-life needs analysis.

However, to determine whether on-premises e-learning platforms will be suitable for us, we first need to know their specifics. Awareness of the advantages and disadvantages of this technology will make it easier for us to select software that will help us achieve all the benefits that e-learning training has.

Advantages of e-learning platforms in the on-premises model

On-premises e-learning platforms are popular with some organizations for good reason. Their implementation, although initially it seems more expensive and time-consuming, guarantees certain benefits unavailable to SaaS solutions. So it is worthwhile to get acquainted with all the advantages of this solution:

More control over the platform with on-premises technology

An invaluable benefit of choosing an e-learning platform in the on-premises model is the possibility of gaining control over the software. This is because it is the client who is responsible for activities such as:

  • choice of infrastructure and technology
  • frequency of system updates,
  • introduction of changes and modifications

The organization using the training platform can influence all its functionalities and determine its final shape.

The possibility of increasing the security standard

The client's responsibility for infrastructure and modification of on-premises e-learning platforms is combined with control over software security standards. For some institutions, this is an advantage as it allows them to watch over security systems themselves.

At the same time, it is worth noting that training platforms in the SaaS model also guarantee high-security standards, for which the software provider is responsible. The Ideo e-learning platform guarantees, among other things:

  • the possibility to limit access to the administration panel based on the IP address;
  • the possibility of blocking access to certain functionalities or modules;
  • restrictive password policy;
  • encryption of passwords in the login form integration with client systems.

However, an organization may want to set its own data protection standard. In such a situation, on-premises e-learning platforms will provide more options and allow for better security customization.

Reduce operating budget with software on-premises

A feature of an on-premises e-learning platform is that payment for the software is made on a one-time basis, and no subsequent hosting costs on external servers are required. Although it is necessary to maintain adequate infrastructure and supervise staff to ensure proper operation of the system anyway, in some cases, it is possible to reduce the operating budget.

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Increased availability provided by on-premises software

Another essential factor for many organizations may be that on-premises e-learning platforms are not prone to crashes and downtime caused by problems with external servers. This is because such systems are hosted within the client's infrastructure, and the client is responsible for their smooth operation.

Another advantage is that on-premises software can also be designed to work offline. While many customers appreciate the flexibility and accessibility provided by cloud solutions, for some organizations the ability to use the system without Internet access can be crucial.

Fully customizable

A final advantage that leads some institutions to choose on-premises e-learning platforms is the possibility of greater customization. While software in the SaaS model also provides some customization options, dedicated software built from the ground up, which is additionally hosted on the client's servers, offers a much greater chance for modifications.

Thus, for organizations with highly customized needs and requirements, choosing e-learning platforms in the on-premises model may be the only way to achieve their goals.


What are the disadvantages of on-premises e-learning platforms?

While after learning about the advantages of on-premises e-learning platforms, it may seem like a solution for any organization, one should be aware of the fact that such systems also have many limitations, which is why they are increasingly being replaced by SaaS software. As the BetterCloud report shows, the number of SaaS applications used in companies has increased on average from 8 in 2015 to 130 in 2022!

So, before making a final decision, it's worth reviewing the most significant disadvantages of on-premises software. Only then will we have the knowledge to choose the e-learning platform best suited to the organization's needs.

Implementation time longer than in SaaS e-learning platforms

The first major limitation of on-premises e-learning platforms is the very long implementation time. Such software must be designed from the beginning with the client's specific requirements and infrastructure in mind.

We cannot always afford to wait a long time for the results of our efforts. The speed at which changes are implemented is often crucial to the success of an organization, and delays can cause competitors to implement a solution faster and reap benefits.

Much faster implementation is offered by e-learning platforms in the SaaS model. They reduce the time needed to implement the software and eliminate the need to install it on the client's server. The basic version of the Ideo e-learning platform can be implemented in as little as one week!

High cost of launching the platform in the on-premises model

The very long time required to create an on-premises e-learning platform also translates into the high cost associated with its implementation. Admittedly, such software does not require hosting costs, but maintaining your infrastructure can also be costly.

The implementation of SaaS software is a more affordable solution to implement. Additionally, choosing an Ideo e-learning platform operating in this model does not involve subscription fees - the customer pays only once and receives a perpetual license.


The need to maintain the infrastructure on its own

Software in the on-premises model requires constant monitoring, modification, and updating to run smoothly. To do this, it is necessary to hire specialists dealing with this or to work with an external company.

For some companies that do not have sufficient resources, this can be a huge inconvenience, further extending the time needed to implement the platform. This is why such organizations are increasingly choosing to implement e-learning platforms in a SaaS model.

Problems with ensuring the optimal level of platform security

A crucial challenge associated with on-premises e-learning platforms is the need to take care of the operation of all security features yourself.

For some organizations, this may be an advantage for this type of software, as it allows them to set higher security standards. However, many customers may struggle to ensure security features are as effective as in SaaS e-learning platforms.

On-premises or SaaS e-learning platform - which to choose?

The specifics of e-learning platforms in the on-premises model make this solution a good choice for a group of customers. However, it is worth being aware of the limitations associated with this type of software and the areas where the SaaS model will be a better choice.

Choosing the Ideo e-learning platform will provide several benefits characteristic of on-premises software, such as:

  • ability to customize modules and expand with dedicated solutions,
  • integration with the client's applications,
  • one-time license fee, very high security standards,
  • assurance of platform updates.

However, due to the option of hosting on our server offered by default, the implementation process will go very quickly and will not involve costs as high as it would be in the case of creating software from scratch.

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