E-commerce platform for the Max Elektro group

Max Elektro is a polish nationwide chain store offering RTV / Home appliance / IT products in over 350 stores. It belongs to the Galicja Tomaszek company established 25 years ago. The company’s aim is to advise customers in the best possible way in order to select equipment at optimum cost for everyone and for every budget. The company also offers a wide range of after-sales services such as delivery and professional installation.

Tasks and objectives

The Max Elektro group operates as a wholesaler offering RTV/Home appliance/IT products and in its activities focuses on partnership relations. “Max Elektro provides stores with products of well-known brands at attractive prices, offering as well the branding of the premises and the advertising of the store chain they belong to now. The store owners, who decide on the cooperation as part of the GPO (Group Purchasing Operation), especially value the independence and the possibility of joint advertisement". - mentions Tomasz Suchy, Commercial Director RTV/SDA/IT.

The bespoke e-commerce platform allows efficient online sales management of several hundred online stores.

Max Elektro and Ideo since 4 years have been developing the sales platform that allows the management of online stores associated in the GPO. From the consumer point of view, the platform is an expanded e-commerce system that connects the main Max Elektro store with franchise points from all over Poland. Customers have the opportunity to collect the products in many cities, in a chosen ‘just around the corner’ store. They can also choose from many additional offers - delivery, installment purchase, insurance, installation and configuration.

In order to ensure high efficiency, we implemented the platform based on the Edito CMS engine. In the system, we put a special emphasis on making the procedure of adding the store or modifying the existing ones much easier. The manager has the insight and the possibility to make changes in the payment configuration as well as in modification/expansion of the offer in a selected store. Thanks to the omnichannel concept, the customers are assured of cohesive shopping experience no matter whether they begin their contact with the Max Elektro group online or offline.

Suitable descriptions, photos and presentations might improve the attractiveness of the offer and significantly affect sales. In order to ensure the highest quality of this content, the store system operates the product information presentation based on dedicated Rich Card type cards. Thanks to that, the description of the given product can take any form preferred by the manufacturer. We also integrated the platform with the e-Opisy database that provides the valuable source of information about technical data of products in the store. E-Opisy provides also the base of filters, individual in every product category. They make the process of finding a specific product in the store much easier for the online customer.

The platform is integrated with the ERP system - Naviero. It helps to update the product offer in the whole network. It also automatically updates the product availability, pricing policy and delivery time.

In order to make the shopping process easy, we introduced the One Step Checkout which allows to become familiar with order details on just one page.

As part of the cooperation with the SYNERISE company and in order to support marketing automation, we implemented tracking codes for the platform that help to increase the effectiveness of marketing activities.

Main benefits for the client
  • Several content websites in one place and managed from one panel,
  • logical and intuitive information architecture,
  • a mobile-friendly RWD website,
  • a tool that works with other client’s products.
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