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The Black Red White Group is an esteemed furniture manufacturer and supplier in Poland, catering to the global demand for furniture and interior accessories for almost three decades.

The Capital Group comprises Black Red White S.A. and 18 subsidiaries, 10 of which are foreign. Their wide range of products is available on almost 60 different markets worldwide, solidifying their reputation as a trusted household company for millions of people across the globe.

Tasks and objectives

The Client previously faced numerous challenges due to an unoptimised shopping cart. Despite an attractive product display, a huge advertising budget, and proper system operations, inadequate or incorrect information provided to customers during the ordering process caused unsuccessful transactions, cart abandonment, and a rise in complaints.

The store's customers often abandoned the idea of purchasing at the cart level. It resulted from introducing new delivery options, which considerably complicated the purchasing process, leading to a significant drop in sales.

We thoroughly analysed the store to address these issues, including its strengths, weaknesses, competitors, and customers. This provided valuable insights and enabled us to implement practical changes to the e-commerce functionality.

Our approach involved creating a mock-up and conducting user tests to refine the content and visual aspects of the project.

Having considered the Client's business needs, we have developed some changes, including:

  • Product data sheet - details on product availability, potential additional fees for delivery, and estimated delivery times based on the chosen method.
  • "Pick up in an hour" - we have implemented a new method of delivering purchased items.
  • Shopping cart: product delivery options – there are now more delivery options for various types of products. Users can now choose to personally pick up their order from select stores in Poland or have furniture and accessories transported from a specific store.
  • Shopping cart: navigation - shopping cart navigation has been thoughtfully designed to provide customers with a seamless ordering experience. We have ensured that returning to the first stage of the ordering process is effortless, and buyers can always keep track of the ordering process's progress.

"We managed to boost our website's conversion rate by introducing new features, improving the visibility of high-performing shopping cart space, and removing any obstacles that hindered smooth purchasing. Customers' satisfaction is our utmost priority, and we are delighted that they are now eager to take advantage of our accessible and responsive online purchasing system. "

- Mariusz Nowak, E-commerce and Omnichannel Strategy Director, Black Red White

Benefits for the Client:

  • Modern and transparent platform design, as well as a well-structured architecture
  • Streamlined purchasing path and hassle-free process of ordering goods
  • Increase in conversion rate by up to 26.36%
  • Minimisation of the cart abandonment
  • Increased customer confidence in the BRW e-shop, especially during the purchase process
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