Online booking system for holiday cottages

Incoming Center of Scandinavia AB is a Swedish company, operating in the real estate market since 2001. The company’s main activity is intermediation in renting houses, bungalows and apartments.

Tasks and objectives

For Incoming Center of Scandinavia AB, Ideo prepared an extensive system to provide a comprehensive service for cottage rentals. The service is available in two languages: German and Swedish, and the application is based on ASP.NET MVC technology.

We implemented the intuitive-to-use search engine which helps users find the best offers, according to the user's requirements. Customers can browse properties using searches based on region, available dates or number of people. More demanding users can use the advanced search engine, which lets you specify the exact parameters using filters, which the accommodation must meet e.g. the availability of a sauna or swimming pool.

The most important part of the site is the commercial aspect. To highlight the potential of certain offers, Ideo created a friendly and transparent template which includes a gallery, map, calendar showing available dates and the cost of each reservation. To streamline the booking process, we have prepared a system of automated e-mail notifications, which indicates the status of the reservation.

The website supports the business goals of the customer to facilitate the acquisition of new business partners. People interested in cooperation can contact Incoming Center of Scandinavia using a special form available on the website. Each potential contractor is verified before entering into the database.

The system includes improvements for the accommodation owners, who gain access to their accounts. As a result, they can independently update parameters of the selected offers visible on their profile.

Ideo has prepared a dedicated mechanism for pricing the cost of renting at different periods of time. The system takes into account the cyclical and occasional promotions. For this purpose, two areas appear on the home page - promotions and recently added offers.

The portal is adapted to be displayed properly on mobile devices. Moreover, the system is equipped with an extensive administration panel to manage bookings, invoices, billing (accounting documents). The panel also allows you to keep statistics e.g. to the statistical office. They are also generated for the needs of the owner and contractors.

Currently, Ideo is working on further expansion of the system with new features that will facilitate the positioning of the individual properties in the search engines.

Main benefits for the Customer:
  • modern and attractive website to book cabins, adapted to the latest trends
  • streamlined process for handling reservation
  • automatic generation of documents and notifications to the customer
  • access to statistics and reports
  • calendar showing the currently available accommodation
  • increase in the number of new partners
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