Landing Pages for Peugeot campaign

Peugeot Polska Sp. z o.o. is the official importer of Peugeot products in Poland. Peugeot brand produces cars, trucks as well as bikes, motorcycles and scooters in 24 production facilities across the globe.

Tasks and objectives

Peugeot is the brand with impressive global recognition offering a wide range of products. That is why the preparation of the complex strategy is necessary. Our work focused on two complementary aspects: IT and marketing.

In ongoing activities, we use many landing pages, designed and completed by us, that support lead generation. The integration of the client’s Call Center system with Edito CMS helped with lead management. Online lead generation methods include inquiring into business’ offer or products, signing up for a test drive, making an appointment at an authorized dealership or signing up to a newsletter.

All landing pages are integrated with Peugeot’s Call Center system in which contact information is automatically archived. The system operator, who contacts the caller, has immediate access to them, which decreases the contact to the minimum and improves its final effect.

The next step was the constant monitoring of generated traffic and the execution of optimization activities. The CMS system compiles all important information that we later use to measure rates such as CTR, average time spent on a website or the traffic source.

Development works supported the complex promotional campaign executed by us.

The main advantages for the Client
  • RWD and graphically coherent landing pages,
  • simplification of measuring the effectiveness of conducted activities,
  • marketing automation,
  • effective management of brand communication,
  • building an active community.
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