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Secure your business - Data security on B2B platforms

In the digital reality, data of all kinds is becoming a fundamental resource that drives innovation, business strategies, and competitiveness.

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Anna Wolanin
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Today's businesses generate, store, and analyze unimaginable information to help make elemental business decisions, understand the market, optimize processes, and tailor offerings to meet customer needs.

However, with this power of data also comes tremendous responsibility. Security incidents, data leaks, or hacking attacks carry significant financial losses and destroy customer trust, and business partnerships, and negatively impact a company's reputation.

In an age where information moves at the speed of light, one neglected security measure or system error can cause catastrophic consequences for a company. Data protection regulations, such as the European Union's GDPR, introduce strict requirements and penalties for companies that fail to properly secure information.

In today's market environment, customers choose companies that prioritize their privacy. Data security is no longer just a "nice-to-have" or an "option."

For today's businesses, it is an absolute must-have. It is an essential element for building trust, sustainable growth, and long-term success in the market. At Ideo Software, we know that where data rules, protecting it becomes the foundation of any successful business strategy.

B2B security pillars

The pillars of security in the context of B2B platforms are crucial. These systems must use the latest and more advanced protection mechanisms to meet today's security challenges.

Every B2B system is unique - it differs from others due to an organization's specific business processes. There are, however, several points of commonality used by companies in protecting the data of the organization itself or those working with it.

These points relate to essential aspects such as confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data, as well as effective management of access privileges and monitoring of activities in the system. The most basic safeguards are data encryption (SSL certificates) or respecting the GDPR policy. In addition, you should also think about other ways to take care of security.

Managing permissions and access levels

It is crucial to design separate role and privilege systems for those managing the entire B2B platform and end users - internal operators and external contractors. Organizations should apply the principle of least privilege, control access to essential resources, and regularly review and update granted privileges. This approach takes into account 3 scenarios of platform operation:

  1. Supporting a single business entity if operating in the market alone.
  2. Handling multiple companies of the parent company operating in one system with the possibility of sharing the database.
  3. Servicing several business entities of our company (or external contractors) without sharing databases.

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When sharing a B2B platform with business partners, the account system administrator will manage the system's operation. However, we can enable contractors to build a separate system of roles and permissions for their users (for example, managing permissions for an administrator, manager, seller, or customer profile).

It will be similar to the one we use internally. It will also be required to share a product catalog for each entity and perform sales activities simultaneously.

Registration, and access to the B2B platform

Another aspect of security is the mechanism of the account creation process for a business entity. It is usually implemented through a two-step mechanism, aimed at constructing a flexible yet secure solution:

  • Automatic registration of a new contractor's account (without access to all features of the B2B platform, e.g. no access to price lists, discounts, or use of additional features).
  • Once the account has been positively verified by the platform administrators or the sales supervisor, the account is fully activated for users. This step ensures that only legitimate and authorized entities gain access to the full functionality of the platform, eliminating the risk of unauthorized access or activity.

The two-step process of account registration and activation provides a balance between automation and manual control, allowing new entities to be introduced to the system efficiently while maintaining a high level of security for the information and functions available on the B2B platform.

User authentication

As part of the authentication process on the B2B platform, users are verified using a strong password when they log in. To enhance security, the system imposes a cyclic forced password change, according to parameters set by the administrator, who decides the frequency of such changes. If a user enters the wrong password repeatedly (the limit set by the administrator), access to the system is blocked.

Only the administrator has the authority to unlock the account and re-approve access. This mechanism makes it possible to effectively respond to attempts at unauthorized access, protecting the platform from potential threats.

With more and more companies realizing the need to use modern technologies, nearly 60% of respondents plan to increase budgets for cooperation with technology and service providers in the area of comprehensive authentication and prevention solutions.

An interesting trend is that more than half of EMEA companies intend to invest in artificial intelligence-based solutions in the next three years. This demonstrates a growing awareness of the need to use innovative solutions to meet changing business challenges.

Tools for verifying B2B contractors

According to the guidelines of the Ministry of Finance, entrepreneurs should verify their potential contractors before starting cooperation.

This helps to guard against unnecessary risks, but also unknowingly breaking the law. Several mechanisms are available to subject contractors to reliable verification before starting cooperation. What is more, we can check a business partner by subjecting him to multi-level verification. The criteria can be: the current status of the company on the market, conducting business inside or outside the EU, or even the financial situation of the company.

Most often entrepreneurs use e-services such as:

  • Register of National Economy - REGON
  • List of VAT taxpayers - White list
  • List of EU VAT taxpayers
  • PKD code search engine

The choice of appropriate tools for verifying contractors depends on the individual needs of the enterprise and the scope of cooperation. The combination of several different data sources will provide a comprehensive analysis of potential business partners, minimizing the risk of unforeseen problems and ensuring compliance with legal guidelines.

Integration with PKD registers and EU business entities

As part of ensuring the security and reliability of data in B2B systems, it is possible to integrate them with PKD (Polish Classification of Activities) registers and databases of business entities operating in the European Union. Thanks to this, after entering a contractor's tax identification number, the system automatically verifies its status and compliance with the registers.

This not only increases the efficiency of business processes but is also an important element of protection against the risk of cooperation with unverified entities.

Securing integration with other systems

B2B platforms are often integrated with other systems such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), PIM (Product Information Management), and CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Connecting these systems requires special attention to data security.

The use of advanced encryption methods is essential to protect the system from unauthorized access to sensitive information. Encrypting data as it is transferred between systems ensures that even in the event of potential interception, the data remains secure and unreadable by third parties.

Monitoring user activity

Another important aspect of security in B2B systems is monitoring user activity.

These platforms can track and record all access attempts, data changes, and operations performed on the platform. Such monitoring allows quick detection of potential irregularities or unauthorized access attempts.

This allows for an immediate response, which significantly increases the level of security. The systems can also notify administrators of any suspicious activity, allowing for even better control and management of data security.

Secure data - What can we do for you?

At Ideo Software, we understand the challenges of keeping data secure in the B2B industry. We combine technological expertise with industry experience to provide our clients with the highest level of security for their valuable data. What sets us apart from others?

  1. Technological expertise: Our team consists of experienced digital security professionals. We regularly attend training courses and workshops to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and threats.
  2. Customized approach: We understand that every business is different. That's why we customize our solutions to meet your individual needs and requirements, creating security systems tailored to your specific business model.
  3. Latest technologies: We use state-of-the-art technologies and tools to ensure that our customer's data is protected against all threats - both external and internal.
  4. Proactive Action: Instead of reacting to problems, we act proactively. We monitor systems 24/7 to detect and eliminate potential threats before they become a real problem.
  5. Support and Consulting: We are here to provide help and support at every stage of the relationship. From consultation to implementation to ongoing support, we are your data security partner.

In a world where data security is a priority, you need a partner you can rely on. As an experienced software house, we are here to provide you with the assurance that your data is in good hands.

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